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Darren Wilson wasn't indicted, which tells me all I need to know really. My life doesn't matter to this country. The lives of my black brothers and sisters don't matter to this country. And quite frankly, this country has never really mattered much to me.


Recently, specifically with the Upcoming release of the movie "Dear White People", there has been a fierce debate over the definition of racism and an even fiercer debate on whether "reverse racism" is actually a thing. In the case of Racism, it's the power aspect of it that I've honestly never thought about before seeing the trailer. The generally accepted definition of Racism is "when a person treats another person badly/thinks i'll of another person because of their race" and while that is a part of it, it goes deeper than that.

Now, I might lose watchers for this, but what the hell. It is what it is, and if you can't handle it then adios amigo.

And just so there's no confusion, yes white people -- men and women -- this is directed at you.

It may be PREJUDICE all the same but not RACISM, It will NEVER affect you in a majorly negative way. It will NEVER affect your life the way it will mine or -- worse -- PoC who aren't white-mixed like me/white-passing .

Racism is a system, and it doesn't produce many significant negative effects for you, because your race is the ruling class that makes the vast majority of the rules. You may not be inherently racist because you are white, but you do benefit from racism all the same whether you like it or not. Example: 45 million white families today can contribute their wealth to the homestead act in 1862 when which gave away acres of land for free to white people and EXPRESSLY excluded everyone else.

Power has EVERYTHING to do with it, and I don't really see how you can't see that. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

To say people of color can be racist, denies the power imbalance inherent in racism. Although some Black people dislike whites and act on that prejudice to insult or hurt them, that’s not the same as systematically oppressing them and negatively affecting every aspect of their lives.
People of color, as a social group, do not possess the societal, institutional power to oppress white people as a group. An individual Black person who is abusing a white person, while clearly wrong, is acting out a personal racial prejudice, not racism.

Let me put it into perspective for you.

If my grandmother won the lottery for 200 million dollars, but your grandmother stole the winning ticket, cashed it, got the money instead then distributed small portions of it to all her friends, fellow white people, and you're benefiting from it generations later wouldn't it be understandable if my grandmother, her grandmother, then finally me were all pissed about that? Blacks built this country, but white's own everything -- the wealth, the power -- and still do. Being occasionally talked about is just a price you all pay for OWNING EVERYTHING.

And even THAT doesn't NEAR equal the punishment we get just for BEING black. I know you mean well, but it kind of saddens me that you'll be the same ones insisting it's equally wrong when it's not. Crying "Racism is wrong, Racism is stupid, we ALL bleed red!" but then REFUSE to acknowledge WHO receives the brunt of the wrong in favor the very few drawbacks you have. You refuse to acknowledge who's blood is on the streets. It isn't your blood and it rarely is.

Open your eyes. Racism IS about power and it ALWAYS was.

I cannot believe there are people who genuinely believe that Misandry is a real thing and actually comparable to Misogyny. Just because someone (or -- GASP -- even multiple people) makes a shitty comment that hurts your feelings doesn't mean you're oppressed. Misandry exist solely on the internet and -- at best -- is a word that people made up to describe individual actions that someone took to be threatening and painted them as a society wide vendetta.

To be clear: Misandry and a Misandrist are two different things.

A Misandrist is a woman who hates, has contempt for, and generally dislikes men for the "crime" of being male. Misandry is (or rather, would be since it's not a thing) the set oppression of men in society perpetuated and ingrained over several generations. Except...that didn't happen. Never did. Probably never will. Even today, the world is undeniably male dominated yet some of us still have the gall to say "men are the most oppressed gender". C'mon guys, you know that's bullshit.

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In case you don't have a twitter or tumblr or don't tune into the news much, their is a huge battle between civilians and police following the unrightful execution of Mike Brown, an African American male who was supposed the start college that very day which makes the event even more of a tragedy considering how many black men don't make it that far. I'm mixed, but let's be real, no one cares about the white blood running through my veins. Only the black. It doesn't matter that my skin is light (generously darker than what my fursona displays, admittedly), I would still be treated as a black male. This could be me, or my brother, or any sons I may have one day.

Naturally, I find this horrifying.

Witness accounts are all consistent, and say that Mike ran then was shot. He got on his knees, begged not to be shot again with his hands in his air in surrender, and then was promptly shot 3 more times.

Police accounts are inconsistent
*One story says he was shoplifting and that's why he was gunned down (which -- lets be real -- is still not a good reason to kill a CHILD)
*Another story says their was an altercation with the police, in which Mike tried to grab the officers gun. (Which I personally know is false. No black man in his right mind would grab a cop's gun).

-Anonymous is already tackling the issue via #OPFerguson(x)
-There is an #IfIWasGunnedDown tag trending on twitter and tumblr, basically calling the media out on it's rampant tendency to portray black youth as thuggish and unfriendly.
-Police are using deadly and coercive force to put down peaceful protests (x),(x), which violates the first amendment. One woman was shot in the head , several people recording the incident have been arrested unlawfully.
-There are live recordings of the happenings which can be found on youtube and vine. Here is one, with protestors staring down the advancing police.
-There are people in other countries who consider tear gas and rubber bullets commonplace telling the people of Ferguson how to deal with it. (x)
-The Cop who killed Mike is on paid administrative leave and his name has yet to be released. The chief cop's wife referred to black people as "feral" said they "tear down neighborhoods with drugs and trash" and that they "kill each other anyway".(x)
-Ferguson is barricaded and has been made a no fly zone. Residents say there are drones circling Ferguson.
-Don't listen to the media, because they are lying to you.
People are being gassed on their private property.(x)
- Please sign this petition to make stricter laws for police officers. These people could be you someday, espeically if you are a person of color.
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Darren Wilson wasn't indicted, which tells me all I need to know really. My life doesn't matter to this country. The lives of my black brothers and sisters don't matter to this country. And quite frankly, this country has never really mattered much to me.



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