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Nothin' like some good ol' hate mail to make an afternoon. The best part is they deleted before I could reply lol
Twaliwa, Tafida, and Azikiwe
So more lions! Maybe more will follow!

So, here we got Twaliwa, Tafida, and Azikiwe. Twaliwa was a character who never came off of Erin's tree. She is the mate of Waka, Wakati and Vuaza's daughter, and the mother of Wanja. Tafida is her indentical twin and purely my own creation, however Twa WAS supposed to have a sister; Taf is that sister. The male in-between them is Azikiwe, another lion who is purely my own. He is descended from Chanzo's pride, probably white-born. Azi and Taf are both the parents of Abrihet.

Twaliwa, Abrihet (c) EMK
Tafida, Azikiwe (c) Werebereus
Even Moar Lions: Acaza, Ponyoka, and Yakuti
Last batch of lions for now.

'Tis Acaza, Vinjari's bro and Bheja and Eduma's boy. Ponyoka was Ruya's daughter and the sister of Sheikh who, if you remember, was Svaru's wife. In the Ironverse, you know her as Linje. Yakuti was descended from the Greenridge lions, Daraka in particular, and he is Ponyoka's mate. Together, they are the parents of Zuwena, Baraba, and Jua. Might draw Jua tomorrow, I'm tired now XD

Characters (c) Erin
Designs (c) Me
Moar Lions: Shanjari, Hotio, and Jajiko
So since Alouch is done, Lumusi is done, and Seyidi was done I just said "fuck it" why not do Shanjari? And, so he wouldn't be alone, Hotio and his wife, Jajiko?

Seyidi is Alouch and Lumusi's second son. Hotio (who was designed by someone else-- I forget their name but here's the original) and Jajiko are Chali and Orolosi's parents. Jajiko herself is the daughter of Ghairi and Mabashi.

Shanjari and Jajiko's designs (c) Me
Characters (c) Erin
Lion: Kimeti, Kimotho, and Alouch
Drew these up real quick.

Kimeti (top) was the daughter of Yeyuka & Bonyea and Eleluka. If you remember, Yeyuka & Bonyea was the two-headed white lion. Eleluka was the daughter of Dlavuza, who was the King of that one pride situated between the east and west. The one where the land was blessed so the lions that lived there didn't age.

Kimotho (middle) was Zamoyoni's mate and Kimeta's son. Presumably, he was a King's dagger. He would go on to sire Alouch (bottom). If you remember, the Daggers attack and subjugate the Black Rock Pride, killing King Uyihlo. Zamoyoni is left behind with her son Alouch and mate, Kimotho, installed in that Kingdom's place. Their son was to marry Uyihlo's daughter, Lumusi, but nothing is set in stone. The two DO fall for each other as adults (I think-- they might've just been friends. Lumusi wasn't a fan of how Alouch channeled his mother sometimes), but they did have Seyidi and Shanjari.

Content (c) Respective Owners
Designs (c) Me
So I've been thinkin' and I just can't get over how the entire Lion Guard concept seemingly undermines the Lion King concept. I could understand if Guard were handling minor problems that only affected maybe a few animals at a time, but from what I've seen they are handling MAJOR scale things such as the balance being upset, foreign animals invading, Hyenas disrespecting the border. It's just dumb to me. Most Lion King material, canon and Semi-canon, make it clear that significant issues such as those are to be handled by the RULER of the land. To that end, wouldn't it make MORE sense to have KIARA be the leader of the Lion Guard? Y'know, since she's going to be the RULER of the land after Simba and it would maybe make a lot since to TRAIN HER via the Lion Guard so she could actually be prepared for the role? This whole "second-born tradition" thing is just stupid, stupid, stupid and Kion is just absolutely unnecessary. The KING OR QUEEN is supposed to solve problems, seemingly minor AND major, and a Lion Guard just undercuts that and allows the King to more or less sit on his ass and do nothing (which is portrayed in the Lion King as a BAD thing via Scar, whom the lands fell to ruin under because he only cared about power and control and not actually about ruling).

Kiara being the Heir would've made her a prime candidate for Lion Guard leader as the escapades would've taught her early how to resolve conflicts between animals (which im sure she didn't learn because her dad is overprotective of her in the movie but for some reason he's not of Kion?) but nope, let's give Simba another son who's damn near identical to him because LOL. Let's have him battle hyenas even though he's just a CHILD and Hyenas have been shown to be able to kills children (and no, Janja and co don't appear to be full adults yet, but if they could take down full grown gazelles they can handle a few kids but DONT EVEN TRY TO KILL THEM even though the original trio did in a G-rated movie.)

The show isn't a complete failure though, some of the songs are alright, the backgrounds look nice, and the characters do too in bust shots. I actually do like Beshte and Ono but Kion and Bunga I absolutely cannot stand. Even so, I still reject the show as canon. It doesn't mesh well with what is already well established, it UNDERCUTS the original concept of the Lion King, and as far as I'm concerned, it's still just Kiara's imaginings not to mention the idea of a "Lion Guard" isn't even original. The idea of their being other males in the Kingdom assisting the King has been in the fanbase for years, but even those theories don't just completely step on the "large issues are handled by the king" concept.
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In the cave of paintings but Rafiki says that "her family" meaning we see the bit when Zira and her family are exiled. But later on, Zira says to Kion that she and Scar were very close "Scar and I were close, very close." Is it still possible that Scar and Zira could have mated and had Nuka??
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