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Iron Lyons Size Graph by Werebereus
Iron Lyons Size Graph
Oh, nothin' just had some free time and decided to make some templates. Figure out the measurements of these lyons, y'know? Jesus Christ look at Nirnasha.

Some characters were put next to each other for better comparison. I didn't get everyone, but eh, I might. Just got the characters of interest first. Might go back and make Uhuru a little bigger. She's feelin' kinda small.

Characters (c) EMK
Template (c) Mine
Everything's Gay and Nothing Hurts
Sunny Eyes and Smile by Werebereus
Sunny Eyes and Smile
He's not really smiling right now but Here's Sahibu, or my take on him anyway! *spoilers*?

He was Mjane's mate, the father of their son Segolo. He dies in the beginning of the book, unfortunately, but for a good cause!

It was said he was brown, but warm brown, so I kinda added some reddish undertones to his pelt and mane. He's also got a few earmarks from another Sahibu we knew way back when~!

Sahibu (c) EMK, Iron Lyons

Maybe gonna upload a guess of what Segolo looks like next! Maybe.
Werebereus - 2015 by Werebereus
Werebereus - 2015
A lion's nose darkens with age...

Wow its been what? 4 years since i've drawn this bastard? Long time. Anyway, here he is in Inzi's style! He does look damn good, if I do say so myself *preening sounds*.

You may notice he's a bit different from the previous lion. Well, aside from being a lyon now, his mane is now curly where it was straight (my hair isn't naturally straight, but I keep it that way because it's easier to manage. It's actually a bunch of scruffy curls.) I've chilled out these last couple of years, definitely not the firecracker I was a few years ago. Iron Lyons style because that's where my interest lies as of late!

Here's the old Were:… if you're curious.

Style (c) Iron Lyons
Werebereus/Blaine!Lyon (c) Werebereus
The Red Mother and First Red Queen by Werebereus
The Red Mother and First Red Queen
Phew, some more Iron Lyons lions! And...I believe my first upload of 2015? What can I say, I'm gettin' kinda bored of this place.

Anyway, what you see here aren't lions originally from Rinja's TLK verse by lyonesses mentioned but never shown/described in her story. Araawa, the girl on the right, is Mobor's daughter, and the lighter red Lioness on the left is named Miradadi. Means "Splendid" or "Elegant", which is also the name of one of Immortan Joe's wives from the Movie Mad Max: Fury road. Back to the lions though.

Clearly, Miradadi has some Marozi in her fur, and I'm thinkin' she's one of his more popular wives. Something tells me Mobor's favorite color is red too (I bet the bastard sees plenty of it), and lo and behold, Mira is red -- of eyes, of fur, of tail tuft. She's like a red velvet cake to him -- he breeds many children off of her, all of them with his hellish red gaze, whilst being some monstrous combination of their mother's red and father's black. Miradadi never bothers with any of them, male or female they always end up like their father in mannerism. By this point, she's pretty damn faithless herself, but then along comes Araawa, a large child with dark red fur, a tail tuft black as coal and everything indicates she will be larger and dangerous, like her father. But then the babe opens her eyes, and they are a striking cobalt and not the dark or bright red Miradadi is used to seeing. She takes it as a sign, that this is the child who undo what Mobor has wrought...

...and in time, Araawa will prove her correct.

I'm not really seeing her as "soft" and "shy" in opposition to her siblings. No, Araawa strikes me as being a monster (at least in part) too, but one in opposition to her fathers plans. She isn't afraid to kill and torture, and is probably marked up from spats with her brothers. She's just fearless, but all her wrath is reactionary. Then there's her father, who kills without blinking for the sake of power. The book never goes into his reign much, but I like to think he was similar to the base Mobor in that he was a "fuck you, I've got mine" type of king, and disease and civil wars ran rife while he pushed his borders forward. Araawa gets sick of it, and sees Tsatsi as the better option. Manouvers herself closer to her father because it's the safest but most dangerous place to be (Mobor won't tolerate civil war and infighting in his vicinity. Also, the Fyre follows his blood). Her siblings are greedy and murderous, but Mobor's heir in particular -- a full sibling of hers who challenges his dad's power on occasion and has some power over the fyre. Araawa whispers poison in his ear, as well as all his loyalist, and gets the two to fight, but when shit actually goes down she mostly just watches. Gets enough of her father's spilled blood on her paws, then runs off with a parcel of the fire. Has the amputate the thing ultimately, but succeeds in her mission, finds a mate, and the rest is history. 
The New dA Logo looks like Trash. The fuck is that even supposed to be?


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